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May 10th 2012 - Blaster in Photoshop
Todd C has kindly submitted his work done in Photoshop. The blog detailing the progress can be found HERE
May 8th 2012 - Deckards apartment.
Gary Willoughby has be researching the Ennis-Brown House (Glendower Avenue, Silverlake, Los Angeles.) and come up with this article for Bladezone. check it out HERE
April 18th 2012 - Workprint T-Shirts !!
Eamon Carney-Holland has contacted BladeZone (and kindly sent me a t-shirt!) to inform us of their Workprint t-shirts. It's the description thats given out at the start of the workprint film, specifically the defention of REPLICANT as written in the New American Dictionary (c)2016. Checkout their site HERE
April 2nd 2012 - BR game re-review
Huge thanks to Jason in Seattle, who has re-reviewed an aging classic that I had almost forgotten about - the classic 1997 Westwood Studios game: Blade Runner. whilst i'd love to remenis this old classic, its far better to watch this youtube clip! check it out HERE
November 14th 2011 - Hal's latest release V8 !!
This picture was inspired by the very Sir Ridley Scott.. check it out HERE
October 28th 2011 - Edge Radio Request BR Special
On the 6th November at 10PM AEST Joseph O'Brien (Presenter Edge Radio) and two co-hosts will be airing a BR special including interviews with Syd Mead and Morgan Paul. Catch the interview at the selected date HERE
October 21st 2011 - Blaster Gun update
Richard Coyle has been hard at work (aswell as his proof reading wife!) and has presented BladeZone with a fantastic addition to his Blaster Gun page. Richard had already amazed us with his in-depth knowledge of the blaster, and has now taken it a step further. You can jump straight to the review HERE and navigate from there.
September 17th 2011 - Spinner anyone?
Two links to spinners have turned up at Bladezone today, the first is in the form of a kit you can buy HERE and secondly, a great section on spinners which is well worth a look over at BRUCE'S DOMAIN
August 20th 2011 - Ridley Scott to Direct New 'Blade Runner' Movie
Massive news on the BR front hits BladeZone (a massive thans to ALL those who emailed BZ with the news) Ridley Scott is returning to the futuristic world of Blade Runner, his iconic 1982 film, for a new feature for Warners-based Alcon Entertainment. Adapted from Philip K. Dick’s story Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?,” Scott’s original film -- with its mix of rainy, neon-lit exteriors, its human-like androids call replicants, and its shadowy, controlling corporation -- established a template for dystopian views of the future. In 2007, it was named the second most visually influential film of all time by the Visual Effects Society. While the new movie is being described as a “follow-up” to the first film, the filmmakers have not yet disclosed whether it will function as a prequel or a sequel to the original. One thing it won't be, though, is a re-make, Alcon co-head Andrew Kosove said. "We very fortunate that Ridley Scott has decided to come back to one of his seminal movies," he added. "And with Ridley, I can tell you it will be fresh and original." With no screenplay in place at the moment, the producers are currently meeting with writers. Kosove declined to say what direction the project would go it, but did say he didn't expect Harrison Ford, who starred in the original movie as a retired cop who hunts down replicants, to be involved. Alcon, the financing and production company behind movies like The Blind Side and The Book of Eli, recently partnered with producer Bud Yorkin to produce new Blade Runner films as well as TV and interactive productions based on the property. Alcon hasn't decided yet if it will finance the entire production itself or whether it will bring in partners like Warners, through which it will release the movie. Alcon co-founders and co-CEOs Broderick Johnson and Kosove will produce the new film with Yorkin, Cynthia Sikes Yorkin and Scott. Frank Giustra and Tim Gamble, CEOs of Thunderbird Films, will serve as executive producers. Scott, repped by WME and Ziffren Brittenham, is currently completing another sci-fi feature Prometheus, which has connections to his 1979 movie Alien, and which will be released by Fox on June 8, 2012. (direct text from the hollywood reporter) Here also is a clip from Mike fleming - EXCLUSIVE: After revisiting his classic Alien with the upcoming 3D Fox film Prometheus, Ridley Scott is committing to direct and produce a film that advances his other seminal and groundbreaking science fiction film. Scott has signed on to direct and produce a new installment of Blade Runner. He’ll make the film with Alcon Entertainment, producing with Alcon partners Broderick Johnson and Andrew Kosove. This would be the most high profile project for Alcon since The Blind Side. They got control of the franchise earlier this year, but it's a whole different ballgame with Scott at the helm. I’m not getting a clear sense at this point whether Scott intends to do a sequel or a prequel to the 1982 film that was loosely based on the Philip K. Dick novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? Also unclear is whether they start fresh or reach out to Harrison Ford. The original took place in dystopian Los Angeles in 2019, in which organic superhuman robots called replicants escaped and are hiding somewhere on earth. Ford played Richard Deckard, a burnt out blade runner assigned to hunt them down. His tired life gets altered when he himself falls for one of the replicants and struggles to keep her from being destroyed. The film was not a blockbuster when first released--it grossed $32 million in its original run--but the film has gained esteem over time. From the bleak but breathtaking visuals to the complex storyline and themes of mortality, Blade Runner became a classic. There has periodically been talks of doing a sequel but those never really went anywhere. After injecting state of the art 3D in reviving Alien, imagine what Scott can do with Blade Runner? Now, the filmmaker is ready to engage. Alcon has its output deal with Warner Bros, which remastered and released a 25th anniversary version on DVD and Blu-Ray in 2007. Warner Bros made the original film. This is just the first step and the project will have to be written and it will likely evolve during that process. That's what happened on Alien, which began as a prequel to his 1979 classic. That changed when Lost's Damon Lindelof came in with a different take on the subject matter that imprinted on Scott and Fox executives. They wound up making Prometheus, which Fox considers an original but which I've heard is a cousin to the original Alien franchise. That film will be released June 8, 2012, with Charlize Theron, Michael Fassbender, Noomi Rapace, Patrick Wilson, Idris Elba and Guy Pearce starring. Scott is repped by WME. The thoughs of what a prequel would include are immense (for example how replicants came about, original draft scenes like batty off-colony working in the burning furnice etc) and the prequel?? how did Deckard and Racheal pan out? how long was life really? did anybody eventually come after Racheal? OMG so many questions...
july 29th 2010 - Previously unreleased clip appears!
A new screen test style clip has emerged! The previously un-seen footage shows a German actor who (presumably) would have been in the Tyrell building. You can hear the voice over in the back ground - making the claim of the clip being a screen test, somewhat plausable. Head over to and check out the clip. A great site with lots of alternative clips/pics and articles. See it on youtube HERE
july 20th 2010 - Richard Coyle Blasters up for grabs
back in February 2011, Richard Coyle did a fantastic article around the creation/replication (no pun intended...) of the infamous Blaster. (read the review HERE). Also check out the Ebay link HERE. Richard said - "The big news is with a full time helper, we have brought back some great models from yesterday: First is the Classic Galactica Blaster, with light and sound. This is my off the set model, it has all the details used on the show, with the added value of a hidden outlets for the digital sound effect. It also has many of the raw detailing and slight flaws of the real props. Email me at for pictures and info. Price is $400.00 Next we did a limited run of METAL PPGs with two sounds and two LED light effects. Check this model out at my latest auction: AND we also did a run of the Floosh Gun from the movie "The Sixth Day" Check this model out at: We are hoping you will find a model you will want to add to your prop collection, but be warned these are limited."
July 29th 2011 - Bladerunner Tribute clip‏
Patrick Parenteau (Visual FX artist) has been hard at work on a personal tribute to BR. chek out his finished CG Spinner HERE
July 29th 2011 - Hal has BR fever once more..
Hal, in his own words has "BR Fever". Checkout the link for his latest masterpiece HERE
June 20th 2011 - Blade Runner returning
Gary Willoughby come past this article regarding the pro'd and con's of the new BR francise. Warner has given some rules too. Read about them HERE
April 22nd 2011 - Joaquin Montalvan's book on the Ennis House
Frank Lloyd Wright's Ennis House was built in 1924 at a cost $300,000. Used in countless films, most notably "Blade Runner", the house has fallen into disrepair and has been closed to the public since 2007. These rich interiors were captured sometime after that and are now available for the first time. .
March 8th 2011 - Who would you have in a prequel or sequel ?!??
Bladezone has been asked the question, which characters would we like to see in other versions of BR. Could it be Bryant and Holden as rookie cops?? Zhora with the snake dance we never saw? Deckard with his wife? NO WAIT - Hoffman as his replacement! A new thread has been setup in te forums for you to air your views. These will be read by actors and the new film makers. Who knows, maybe you idea could be used? Bladezone Forums
March 5th 2011 - Van Helsing Role For Actor Rutger Hauer!
RUTGER Hauer is to play Van Helsing in legendary horror director Dario Argento’s new movie, Dracula 3D. “That could be really, really exciting,” Rutger said. “I’m flying to London and when I get there I want to have a talk [with] The Master about what he thinks he gets from me, to see where he lives. I can see 3-D working really well and he’s experimenting with it.” Hauer also revealed he is unlikely to appear in Christopher Nolan’s third Batman movie, The Dark Knight Rises. The actor played the CEO of Wayne Enterprises in the first of Nolan’s Batman films, 2005′s Batman Begins. “I think not,” said Hauer of a possible return to the franchise. “I would have heard about it.” Rutger has also starred in The Hitcher and Blade Runner and will next be seen in Hobo With a Shotgun, a berserk homage to ’80s action movies that opens May 6.
March 4th 2011 - Warner Bros. gets the Sequel and Prequel Rights to BLADE RUNNER
It looks like we can be expecting a new Blade Runner movie to hit theaters in the next few years. Warner Bros-based Alcon Entertainment (the financing and production company behind The Blind Side and The Book of Eli) are currently in final discussions to secure film, television, and ancillary franchise rights to develop prequels and sequels to Ridley Scott‘s classic 1982 sci-fi film. Read about it HERE
February 19th 2011 - What would Dustin Hoffman look like as Deckard ? has some fantastic photoshop manipulations, one of them is Dustin Hoffman in Deckard's gear and on the set of Blade Runner. (Hoffman being the orginal choice before Ford). Check out the site, aswell as other star wars and funny Pulp fiction alternatives HERE
February 19th 2011 - Think your a Blade Runner Aficionado ??
Lasse Steen Bohnstedt has put together a real tough BR quiz to get your teeth into. It's an app extension for facebook, so you`ll need an account with FB first. check it out HERE
February 6th 2010 - THE NEW 2011 Coyle Blade Runner Blaster:
Richard Coyle has spent a great deal of time on this full and in-depth report on the Blaster Gun. Checkout this report of the gun, casing, bullets and more HERE
January 17th 2010 - Ridley Scott's Alien prequel no longer an Alien prequel
No prequel now?, strands of alien DNA? read about it HERE
December 19th 2010 - Complete shooting script sold
Harrison Ford heavily-annotated complete shooting script for Raiders of the Lost Ark was sold for a cool $100,000. check out
December 19th 2010 - Deckards whiskey bottle.
Junichi Niizeki has been hard at work re-creating deckards bottle of plonk, and also the newspaper which is featured within BR. checkout the links below for his fine work - HERE and HERE. You can also read about it at HERE
November 8th 2010 - DADOES, the theatre production
On December 4th, 2010 Untitled Theater Company #61 (UTC61) will host a benefit for the Free the Androids movement, a movement devoted to the plight of the enslaved androids on Mars. UTC61’s current production of Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, a stage adaption of the Philip K Dick novel, which runs at 3-Legged Dog November 18th through December 12th was the inspiration for the fundraiser. Proceeds may also be used to help benefit the theater company. Tickets $40 Call 212-352-3101 Or visit
October 5th 2010 - Gerado Jemio art explosion!
Many years ago, Gerado Jemio contacted BZ and had submitted some great artwork for the gallery. Now, many years on, Gerado has contacted us again and given us a whole load of had drawn art. Check them out for yourself HERE
September 3rd 2010 - BLADE RUNNER revisited >3.6 gigapixels
Many thanks to HAL for the link - An experimental film in tribute to Ridley Scott's legendary film “Blade Runner” (1982) This film was made as a unique picture with a resolution of 60.000 x 60.000 pixels (3.6 gigapixels) It was made with 167,819 frames from 'Blade Runner'. HERE
August 24th 2010 - White Dragon Cut v4.0
Deep in a secret location, Kazuchoice has been hard at work on his BR vision. Here is another finished version with more scenes, cuts and re-works than you can shake a stick at! check out this version and previous versions HERE
July 27th 2010 - BR inspired audio track
Marcel Gherman has been hard at work and kindly submitted this fine piece of audio mastery. It's been inspired by an original track by Black Lotus. Check it out HERE. More info on his work is avail at and
July 19th 2010 - Bladerunner Tribute Song/Video
Matthew Allen had kindly submitted this digital synth masterpiece he created himself. A great and fitting picture montage accompanies the audio track to complete the experience. BZ asked Matthew what technology he used - "My synth collection includes a Waldorf Blofeld, an Access Virus TI Snow, Spectrasonics Trillian and Omnisphere, Sylenth1, Zebra2, and Camel Audio's Alchemy. All of that is plugged into a Macbook Pro 15" running Apple Logic as a sequencer and mixing console. When creating the track Electric Sheep, I started by building a sound that was reminiscent of the horn sound that Vangelis used on the Bladerunner opening credits. Once I had that, which is effectively the crux of the song, I laid down percussion and bass to get an idea of what the groove of the song would be, added some ambience to get the right feel, and then started layering in melody. Once I get a track to a point where I think its "done", I walk away from it for a few days and revisit it fresh. Invariably, there is always something that I missed or some change that I make to it to add a bit more polish. After that, I mix it and publish online. " check out his work HERE
July 13th 2010 Nexus7 - a sequal to BR.
Geoffrey C. Kosty has been hard at work doing a script for a sequal to blade runner. It makes a great read, have a browse HERE
June 19th 2010 - Gongo cover remade perfectly!‏
the_traveler has remade the Gongo soundtrack cover perfectly! Same images, same position, but without the large half-tone patterns and other flaws that were inherent to the original. Two covers are there -- the remade one, and then 3 scans of the original. Unbelievably accurate remake! (This art is used for importing into iTunes). HERE
June 10th 2010 Hal's Zhora pic
May 23rd 2010 - White Dragon cut ver4.0 released
Kazuchoice has been hard at work and has now released version 4.0 of his `white dragon cut`. For those of you who have not heard of this before, the white dragon cut is the best fan version of a film ever. This latest version is to include more clip made by kazuchoice than ever - which include ;- Pris seeing Deckards preserved dream in Leons apartment, a frozen chew, extra footage of downtown, extra blimps and more. Expect a full and indepth review here on BZ! HERE
April 23rd 2010 - Hal's release v7
Ok so i made up the version 7 bit, but I've lost count of the many many updates we get! Enjoy his most recent offereing HERE
April 19th 2010 - Original cinefex issue#9
A kind user has setup the following link for a scan of the original edition that featured Blade Runner. All he asks in return is that we all support the magazine, and download it from the following link - HERE
April 10th 2010 - Hal's latest release
Here's a great piece of art created by Hal. armed with his pencils and his PC, he has submitted this fine piece of fan art HERE
March 17th 2010 - Home brew VK machine
BR fan Jean-Louis has submitted a fantastic piece for the fan section, check it out - you wont be dissapointed! HERE
March 14th 2010 - Sebastian's Immortal Game
check this out for what could definatly be a runner for best fan art ever! - HERE
March 10th 2010 - What happened before 2019?
Ever wondered what Deckard was doing before 2019? Here is a story that caught my eye. check it out HERE
Feburary 28th - Matinee Idles Episode 14 - Blade Runner
In this long-awaited episode, Alec, Joey, and Vern sit down to discuss Ridley Scott's seminal sci-fi/noir masterpiece "Blade Runner". Listen in for over 2 hours of in-depth discussion on the film including everything from it's long-storied production history, the look, the performances, the music, the inevitable "Is Deckard a Replicant?" debate, and it's legacy in film history. Also, Matt stops by to give his controversial thoughts on the film. So put down that pleasure model, pour a glass of Black Label Whiskey, and Enjoy! HERE
Feburary 28th 2010 Hal's latest offering - anime style!
this anime style of art has been uploaded by Hal. Hal often though of a sequal done in anime and inspired his latest submission. HERE
January 10th 2010 - Paul Sammon and Sean Young Book Signing!
FUTURE NOIR: The Making of Blade Runner On January 23rd 2010 at 2 p.m., Paul Sammon and Sean Young signing the revised edition: Future Noir: The Making of Blade Runner (British hardback) Location is DARK DELICACIES in Burbank. 4213 W Burbank Blvd Burbank, CA 91505 (818) 556-6660
Paul Prischman 1967-2009
Sadly the world has lost another truly gifted and valued individual. The team at BladeZone wishes a kind farewell to a friend who's talents went beyond the industry, beyond Blade Runner. Paul Prischman went out of his way to help others and brought many smiles to peoples faces. Please consider his family and friends in your thoughts. Paul is survived by his wife and children. Donations can be made at The Paul's Brain Trust: HERE
November 15th 2009 - Blade Runner Umbrella "inspired" build‏
Thanks to Erv` from Props Electronics in France for the heads up on the BR umbrella. check out their website HERE
October 6th 2009 - Hal's latest BR design
Hal has been hard at work on his latest picture HERE. You can view his previous work HERE
August 1st 2009 - Ridley Scott Confirmed to Direct Alien Prequel‏
After months of rumor and speculation, Variety confirms that 20th Century Fox plans to keep the "Alien" franchise alive with a prequel film that will be directed by original helmer Ridley Scott. The announcement that Fox has hired a writer comes just two months after the 30th Anniversary of Scott's original sci-fi horror film which launched a series of movie sequels, a number of comic books, and two movies that pit the Aliens against Fox's other creature franchise, the Predator. Screenwriter Jon Spaihts has been hired to write the prequel after the studio was impressed by his work on two space thrillers, both for Keanu Reeves, called Passengers and Shadow 19.
Fan Edits
A new area has been created for fan submissions of their own cut. This can be found below in the main menu/bladezone features. Think you can do better? then get in touch with us and get your version reviewed!
June 9th 2009 - Fan edit ULTIMATE WORKPRINT
Here is the review of the fan edit ULTIMATE WORKPRINT version by fan director Shuwest. It's a work in progress project and will be added to as its done. I cannot express enough at the quality of transfer for this fan edit. Most home edits lose a small generation of quality as you convert from source to raw .avi and then back to mp3/4 and further to a DVD's .vob, buy Shuwest has come up trumps with this, his own vision of what his cut should be. Check it out HERE
June 8th 2009 - Blade Runner, Take Five, the WorldCon Model
Richard Coyle has been hard at work on a Blaster replica gun. Check out his progress HERE
April 25th 2009 - Blade Runner White Dragon Cut.
This version directed and edited by Kazuchoice HERE
April 25th 2009 - Original blaster gun lands on auction block
User "Cypress Twist" has given Bladezone the head's up that the original gun used by Harrison Ford, has come up for auction. Check out it's progress HERE
April 23rd 2009 - DADOES - re-issues!
PKD's Do Androids dream of Electric Sheep, is to be re-issued for a limited time only, check out the link HERE. Many thanks to HAL for the heads up.
The Final Cut: Premiere Event
Our article on the Los Angeles premiere event and award celebration can be found HERE
April 13th 2009 - Profiles in history
The latest offerings from the movie world can been seen at their website - HERE
March 25th 2009 - Hal's latest offerings UPDATED April 23rd 2009
Just over a month has passed since Hal Pehlich gave us his latest offerings, well he has come up trumps again, check out his artwork HERE. I have so much of his work, he now has his own directory on the Bladezone server!
March 19th 2009 - BFI live stream netcast
Hot off the press - This Saturday the BFI is going to do a live stream netcast of the Paul Sammon interview with Rutger Hauer. More details as they arrive.
March 17th 2009 - Paul's Brain Trust screening of Blade Runner has been nominated for a Rondo Award
The Rondo Awards are presented by fans, for the fans, so get on over there to the official site and cast your ballots for all the categories - but be sure to vote for our screening when you get to category #17! All you have to do is copy the ballot (available HERE ) and e-mail it to with your selections. You have until MIDNIGHT on March 21st to cast your ballots, so waste not a moment!
March 15th 2009 - BFI IMAX, Blade Runner Day
Checkout the link where Rutger is going to personally appear on the day for Q+A time after the show. Visions for the future
Februrary 26th 2009 - Nebula Studio Artist: David Owens submission
First time around David Owens has kindly given BladeZone some of his Blade Runner Art. Check it out HERE
Februrary 17th 2009 - Gaffs unicorn
Kenneth Thompson kindly contacted Gary Willoughby with news that he now has a video step by step guide on how to make the Unicorn can be found at
Februrary 17th 2009 - Fan art
Here really is a fresh treat for BZ fans. Justyn Lee has done an awesome job of recreating the Deckard/Taxi scene from Bladerunner. I get a feeling of a comic book feel to his work. Well worth the visit, and Well done Justyn - We hope to see more of his work very soon. Check it out HERE
Februrary 17th 2009 - Neverland
Nicolas Fleurier has kindly given us the link to his French website Neverland, which deals with licensed products and popular culture. Check it out HERE
Februrary 17th 2009 - A better life waits
Our old friend Hal Pehlich has kindly submitted his latest artwork for Bladezone. Check it out HERE
John Alvin: BladeZone's Last Interview with a Legend
In September 2007, BladeZone site contributor, Bryan Ebenhoch conducted an interview with the talented artist who produced Blade Runner's iconic Movie Poster and works of many other Hollywood masterpieces. We honor his achievements and will miss his presence. If you missed it, you can read it HERE
Paul's Brain Trust Announcement
The announcement for the Ridley Scott benefit for Producer Paul Prischman is archived HERE
Blade Runner Wrap Party at the Bradbury Building
Coverage of the wrap party was held at the Bradbury building in Los Angeles, an iconic filming locations for numerous productions and Blade Runner. Read about the event HERE
The Final Cut: Premiere Event
Our article on the Los Angeles premiere event and award celebration can be found HERE
Paul Sammon Interview
Our recent Interview with Paul Sammon on his second edition of Future Noir: The Making of Blade Runner can be found HERE
Spinner Moved in Seattle
For the original announcement of the relocation of the spinner car in the Experience Music Project|Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame, read it HERE
July 30 2008 - Frank Lloyd Wright House to be Restored
Deckard's apartment was based on Frank Lloyd Wright's HollyHock House in Hollywood. Fans will be happy to know that the house has been approved for restoration. Read the report from the LA Times HERE
July 13th 2008 - Blade Runner Custom Figures
New Article on some fantastic figures by Steven S. and Andrea Ledford HERE
June 29th 2008 - Hal Pehlich tribute to John Alvin
Hal has drawn and coloured a fitting tribute to John Alvin. check out his work HERE
June 29th 2008 - Cool lego spinner
Patrick Parenteau, an old friend of Bladezone, has found a great spinner made from....LEGO!! checkout the link HERE
June 29th 2008 - Fan art
Here is a great piece of fan art submitted by Gabe Farber. If Gabe could get back to us and give us some more background information on this great work that would be awesome. Check it the picture HERE
April 13th 2008 - French spinner anyone?
Florent Cuaz, from France. Has kindly contacted Bladezone with the link to some amazing work, most dedicated to Blade Runner. checkout the link HERE
Feburary 7th 2008 - John Alvin: 1948-2008
Famed movie poster illustrator John Alvin has passed away. Here is a statement from his family courtesy of IMPAwards: HERE
January 14th 2008 - 'Visions in Sound'by Bentley Ousley
Bently Ousley has kindly hosted these files from the original webcast show that was aired back in 2002. Check out the link below for 15 clips from that very show that were backup on CD, and feared lost forever. HERE
January 14th 2008 - Finishing Moves: The Final Cut of Blade Runner By Nate Klein.
Regular Bladezone readers will have seen countless posts from a user called "Deleted". Read this fantastic review by him that comes right from the heart, and give Nate a chance to tell other fan exactly what BR and the new BR:FC has done for him HERE
Blade Runner Final Cut 25th Anniversary After Party Gift Umbrella
Gary Willoughby was fortunate enough to be privy to the after party that followed the premier of the Final Cut. Check out this personal account written by him in regards to the fantastic keep sake gift that was given to each member of the party HERE
December 21st 2007 - New Ridley Scott Interview‏
Chris Brucia, who is the content manager for podcasts at, said this to our forum manager Craig (Kipple) - We just published a new, exclusive audio interview with Ridley Scott about the latest ?Blade Runner? DVDs as well as his thoughts on a possible sequel. Seeing as your site is considered tops among Blade Runner fans, I thought you might like to put a link to it for your readers. It can be streamed or downloaded right HERE
The JULES VERNE ADVENTURE FILM FESTIVAL Celebrates BLADE RUNNER 25th Anniversary with the Cast and the Film makers! Sunday December 9th, 4PM, at the Shrine Auditorium. The unique Red Carpet night, will honor the artistic vision of the film?s legendary filmmakers, and the major restoration efforts behind the new 25th anniversary ?Final cut? with a Special Jules Verne Award presentation to the film makers. This ?one night only? event will take place on Sunday December 9th, 4PM, at the Shrine Auditorium, Los Angeles. The new cut of the film will be screened under the most optimum conditions, amidst a turnout of the filmmakers and the key cast. 6,300 attendees awaited at the Jules Verne Award Ceremony This will be a ?hot ticket? event with limited seats being available for purchase from
Due to popular demand and the success of its opening weekend, the theatrical release of BLADE RUNNER: THE FINAL CUT has been extended to include the following sites: Cinema sites commencing 30th November Picturehouse, Exeter City Screen, York Belmont, Aberdeen Picturehouse, Stratford Upon Avon Gate Picturehouse, Notting Hill London Picturehouse, Clapham London Cinema sites commencing 7th December Screen on the Green, Islington London
November 17th 2007 - BRFC hits Japanese Theaters
Timecruiers over in Japan have very kindly submitted his report on a BR lecture that followed a BRFC showing, check this out and his own blog HERE
November 13th 2007 - Visual Futurist Syd Mead is Taking Questions
In honor of the Blade Runner: The Final Cut DVD Visual Futurist Syd Mead is taking questions from Illusion's viewers. Syd Mead, the visionary behind much of the cyberpunk aesthetic, will be answering select questions which are posted to our community forums. If your question is selected it will appear in the Illusion Profile of Syd Mead. Syd has influenced audiences for decades with his work as futurist and designer in movies like Bladerunner, Tron, Aliens, 2010 and Turn-A Gundam. All questions must be submitted by midnight on Monday, November 19th to be eligible for inclusion. Visit to learn more about Syd's life and work. Post all questions to the Illusion Community Forums at
November 11th 2007 - The upcoming Vangelis release...
Although final confirmation has yet to come in on this, fans will be glad to hear rumors within the music industry are buzzing frantically about Vangelis' upcoming Blade Runner related release. It was late in June when word first broke Vangelis had been composing music for a new album related to Blade Runner, but it wasn't yet clear in which way this would be released. Here finally are some details, according to some very excited insiders. The new release will be a deluxe set, commemorating the 25th anniversary of the Blade Runner movie. Described as a three CD package titled "Blade Runner Trilogy", the set is said to start with the Blade Runner soundtrack as we know it from the official 1994 release. The second disk would present both music from the film not previously released on LP or CD (the notorious bootlegs excepted), as well as music made for the movie at the time, which was neither used nor released in any shape or form. Finally, the third disk would be Vangelis' expected new album, inspired by and thematically linked to Blade Runner. Personally, I think a lot of people were dreaming about unreleased music from the film finally appearing on CD, while others dreamt of Vangelis returning to the dark melancholic moods played on synthesizers that peeked on the popular Blade Runner soundtrack, by creating new music in the same vein, but I've never heard anyone who dared to openly dream about both of these at the same time... With early word being strongly positive about the results, this could be the answer to what literally everyone has been longing for. Confirmation and more details expected soon... Expectations are that "Blade Runner Trilogy" will be released in December. Time to start writing those Christmas wish lists. Source -
November 17 to 18th 2007 - BR-FC hits Australian Theatres, free tickets to be won!!
Popcorn Taxi would like to offer Melbourne members of Bladezone 5 double passes to a session within the season. As an added bonus, the theatre is the only 4K D-Cinema Projection System in the world. Cheers SONY for that. Australian residence can register HERE
November 5th 2007 - UK Liverpool picturehouse release
While the best part of the UK gets ready for its bonfire night celebrations, Paul Barratt confirms to Bladezone that although the Picturehouse website does not show BR-FC in any shape of form, Paul has had it confirmed by phone today that bookings will be taken from 13th Nov. thanks for the info Paul.
October 30th 2007 - Tsing tao is Smirnoff de Czar !!!
NYzeki, over in japan has given me a link to his web site that possibly had the answer to deckards sorrow drowning drink. Check out NYzeki`s home page HERE
October 29th 2007 - Hal`s BFRC redux
Back in August this year, Hal Pehlich stunned the Blade Runner community with yet another fantastic "stippled technique" drawing. This one was dedicated to the Final Cut version. So, in true Hal fasion, he went back to his original work and has released a color version of his classic. Checkout the old link that has been updated and includes the color (colour!) version at the foot of the page HERE
October 27th 2007 - BRFC to be reshown at the zeigfied!!
Craig O`Connor over at the Ziegfeld in New York City, is doing another showing of BRFC dues to its very sucessfull run. Craig said "We are bringing it back for Special Midnight Shows starting this Friday and Saturday October 27th and 28th."
November 23rd 2007 - UK Cinema dates released
Looks like im planning a ride to Brixton.. check out the venues HERE
October 18th 2007 - Warner Bros. fan contest
In celebration of the 25th Anniversary of the Blade Runner, Warner is seeking artists of all mediums (film, photography, painters, designers, writers, etc.) to submit a personal piece that has been inspired by the film. Click the link to add your submissions HERE
October 6th 2007 - "Lyons & Bailes Reel Talk" - BR special.
Fowzia Iranpur, over at NBC Universal TV Distribution. Has kindly informed BladeZone of a program running this weekend with film critics Jeffrey Lyons & Alison Bailes, hosts of "Lyons & Bailes Reel Talk," (nationally syndicated movie-review show). They are having a special "spotlight" feature on the film this weekend on the show! The programme talks about how BLADE RUNNER transformed from a box-office flop into one of the most influential sci-fi movies of all time. check out the website (With the BR-FC DVD right at the front!!) HERE
October 3rd 2007 - Best BR-FC review so far!
Thanks to user 'Deleted' on the forums for finding, for me, the best writeup for the Final cut so far. Most, if not all true BR fans pretty much know the story behind the FC, and how it came to be. But believe me, read this piece written by Darroch Greer over at for a fantastic review that had me moving closer and closer to the monitor - to absorb every word. Check out the exclusive called "The Real Deal" HERE
October 5th 2007 - More Blade Runner screenings.. are also proud to be showing this new version of the Final Cut. Click HERE for a full lstings of times and shows. Information on the showing can be seen HERE
October 5th UPDATE - $2 off admission at Ziegfeld Theatre in New York UPDATE!!
Remember Craig O'Connor of clearviewcinemas and Bladezone were able to offer $2 off a cinema ticket at the selected cinema, well.. there is the opening of the film in these theatres - New York at the Zeigfield theater and in LA the Landmark theater in west LA, both on the 5th of October..
September 28th 2007 - BLIMP Japanese AD is cut from Japanese magazine!
NYzeki over in Japan has given us the link to his blog (in Japanese). HERE NYzeki says his blog will do some big stories about the empire magazine and the comic-con weekend. looking at the pictures on the web site, it looks like they get privilage to the box set too :(
September 25th 2007 - No breifcase in UK, only a `tin`.
Just like it says on the label, word has it that Warner are not releasing the Special 5-disc edition briefcase R2, in the UK. It appears UK fans get the lesser `tin` like the 4-disc version. Im sure Warner have a really good reason...
September 24th 2007 - ComicCon pictures added
John Domrzalski, a great friend of ours over at SkyRocket Media, has kindly placed his snaps of the special day on his web site, go Check them out.
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