BladeZone, The Online Blade Runner Fan Club

Site Management & Admin

Gary Willoughby - California, USA. Owner and site manager.

Gary Carden - Hove, UK. Site editor and content manager

C.A. Chicoine - Massachusetts, USA. Forum manager

Bladezone was founded in the Fall of 1996, by Gerry Kissell, as part of his Replicant City Website, a site dedicated to his favorite film, Blade Runner. The domain became active in 1998. Two early members of the BladeZone staff were Nathan Cheever, Aaron Brinkley, Mike Fritz- Manchini and Brian Bolin, who really added a lot to the site. There were many others who contributed to BladeZone over the years, but the mainstay for the last few years have been Gary Willoughby and Gary Carden. Craig Chicoine has now joined the team, to help keep BladeZone up to date.

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