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November 26th 2017 - FOG! Chats With Paul M. Sammon, Author of ‘Future Noir: The Making of Blade Runner’
Check out the review HERE
January 8th 2016 - Happy Incept Day, Roy. May your light always burn twice as bright.
OK OK, so i only `slightly` stole the heading from Mr de Lauzirika's facebook page, but what an apt title it is too. Finally a web video has made it to us from Rutger himself - HERE
May 31st 2015 - A fine piece of BR history found - Original "Hades landscape" sketch
The owner "skinjob 66" has sent us this link to his fine piece of ownership. HERE
May 25th 2014 - Philosoph of Blade Runner
Timothy Shanahan has kindly given us the link to order his new book Philosophy and Blade Runner. Check out the link HERE
April 26th 2013 - Blade Runner LP Remastered
Ernie Campagna @Audio Fidelity has kindly contacted BZ in regards to a remastered LP that himself and his colleagues have been hard at work with. The finished product is a fantastic blood red press. Check out the fantastic link below that details each step of the remastering process and what equipment they used. For those of you who remember what a 45 and a 33 is (even a 78!) check out the link here - HERE
April 2nd 2013 - Blade Runner 2 site
Peter Bisset has just started up a BR 2 site and already contains some snippets of scripts and comments made by Sir Ridley Scott. check out is site over at Think you were right in guessing the real Dr Eldon Tyrell was on ice, Deckard and Racheal live to 150? this site is where you just might find the answer...
June 27th 2012 - Los Angeles - sci-fi travel poster
Dean Walton (Mr Shabba) has contacted Blade Zone and given us the link to his site, check out his posters which are of limited numbers HERE
June 27th 2012 - Blade Runner Machinima Tribute
Glasz DeCuir has submitted this fantastic fan homage to one of the best, if not the best scene in Blade Runner. check out the crew involved and the scene HERE
June 18th 2010 - White dragon Directors cut anyone?
Author of the same name DVD Kazuchoice has informed me of some new uploads to his own version of Blade Runner. For those of you who think a short sharp film is best, this is not for you. For those who want a film twice as long, packed with deleted scenes, alternate scenes, reworks, tweaks, edits and full blown new scenes from scratch - then this White Dragon Cut is your answer. Check out the Youtube link for his latest progress. His work is periodically updated so keep the link to hand! HERE
May 12th 2012 - Heard it on the grape vine..
Well actually the horses mouth as they say. Kazuchoice is hard at work at his White dragon Final Cut of Blade Runner. This is to include cleaned up deleted scenes, New LA scene,Frozen Chew,Zora's snake dance and more. no details on a release date as yet.
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